Your words, our method

Getting content strategy right is critical for fashion and luxury firms. Content strategy is fundamentally about telling a brand’s story consistently across distribution channels, both digital and physical. This story needs to be an authentic and mindfully chosen narrative and the same story that a consumer encounters on social media, print adverts, brick-and-mortar stores, and now even gaming platforms or the metaverse. When it comes to shopping and buying luxury, consumers want to connect with an authentic identity. And they want to do it around-the-clock across platforms. In short, brands now must be content producers.

To meet this demand, luxury and other experience brands need to pay particular attention to the way that new and existing customers travel through their various content channels. Good content strategy is what allows luxury to meet these multifaceted and ever evolving challenges. For luxury brands, the stakes are very high to get the content strategy right and be able to adapt, revise, and redeploy as demands and tastes and innovations like web3 evolve.

It’s A Working Title LLC was founded to help brands do just that. Our PhD-led team brings deep experience in fashion, luxury, and retail strategy, design, and editorial to every engagement.s and sectors