Design your content story

It’s A Working Title® Content Accelerator Framework

Fashioning Content-as-a-Service

Fashion and luxury brands need a new service model to drive brand content for the future. Enter the idea of Content-as-a-Service (CaaS). In today’s omnichannel marketing and communications landscape, content is a product. Consumers crave personalized, immersive, and story-driven experiences that entertain, inspire, and inform. A CaaS framework is the new driver of truly personalized, quality omnichannel content.

Creating brand-centric, user-focused shopping experiences

The It’s A Working Title®️ Content Accelerator Framework helps fashion and luxury brands empower brand storytelling across platforms and connect more deeply and authentically with target audiences. We work closely with your teams through a proprietary framework and methodology to design and implement content strategy solutions tailored to your teams, content, and tools with repeatable, scalable processes and guidelines.

Enabling consistent, channel-appropriate storytelling

Your brand story is everything. We are not here to write your content for you. The It’s A Working Title®️ Content Accelerator Framework helps your brand tell the right stories to the right consumers on the right channels at the right time in the right way.

It’s A Working Title® Content Accelerator Framework: Strategic Consulting

Step 1: Define your brand content DNA

What it involves – Our It’s A Working Title® Content Accelerator Framework strategy workshops and stakeholder interviews help you define the scope of content strategy needs and articulate content vision and goals, a rough strategic framework, and an initial roadmap for future state work.

What you get – (a) Content strategy vision design, (b) initial framework, and (c) roadmap for moving to a future state

    Step 2: Fashion a holistic content strategy

    What it involves –  We audit all content and evaluate content across channels and conduct a competitive/comparator review. We then build a custom It’s A Working Title® Content Accelerator Framework and roadmap to meet your needs.

    What you get – (a) Content operations strategic framework and roadmap, (b) content audit findings and recommendations, (c) content-focused personas and journeys, and (d) channel-by-channel strategies

    Step 3: Implement scalable & adaptable content strategy solutions

    What it involves – We conduct It’s A Working Title® Accelerator Framework pilot content projects, optimize all aspects of content strategy, and leave you with a governance plan to guide content strategy after the end of the engagement.

    What you get – (a) Content operations and transformation implementation, (b) content architecture and taxonomy optimization, (c) content modeling and content matrix design, (d) content governance plan

    It’s A Working Title® Content Accelerator Framework: Brand Solutions

    Executive leadership training

    Leverage the power of content strategy for your fashion or luxury brand through one of our tailored It’s A Working Title® Content Accelerator Executive Leadership Training workshops. From our Luxury Content Strategy 101 series to our Luxury Content and E-Commerce deep dive sessions, we have a variety of offerings to meet your brand’s specific needs.

    AI content strategy

    Is your brand content ecosystem ready for the AI revolution? If your brand is curious about AI content tools to speed up content creation and reduce content spend but is concerned about the risks, your teams may benefit from one of our It’s A Working Title® AI Content Strategy Workshops. We offer workshops for both enterprise and boutique brands. In addition, we also offer strategic advisory services on AI Content Strategy Framework Design for brands interested in taking the next step towards AI content implementation.

    Applied research & data analysis

    What do your customers think about your brand content? How do they experience your brand through content from channel to channel? The It’s A Working Title® Research and Applied Data Analysis Solutions team helps our clients answer these types of questions every day. Whether through econometric forecasting, customer segmentation, and AI-based product and competitor cluster analysis or custom white papers, data audits, and personas and customer journey mapping, we offer a range of custom research and analytical data solutions specific to fashion and luxury brands.